Over the Christmas period (which seems like ages ago) I was back in Crouch End and saw on Daily Mail they’d done a review of a new fitness club called ‘Hiitgirl’. Intrigued by it’s close proximity to home I went online and saw the free taster session on offer. Grabbing Emma one of my oldest friends and equally as lazy as me, we decided to get motivated and get fit.

Hiitgirl Crouch End

We rocked up to the free taster session and realised we were going to be the only 2 participants. Nervous and relieved by this prospect meaning all eyes on us but then again no one to laugh when we struggle to get through the exercises!

The premise of Hiitgirl is that every session is only 30 minutes long, great for before and after work when want a quick class which really makes you feel like you’ve done a TOUGH workout. As a beginner you go through different moves watching a screen which tells you 30seconds work then 30 seconds rest. As you go to more sessions then you up this to 40seconds work then 20seconds rest. It’s surprising what a difference this makes.


Reka our trainer was great (as are all of them), both motivational and understanding that we were newbies. We’d signed up for the Hiitgirl Signature session, this is a good one to start with as gives you a variety of moves both cardio and muscle moves. It was a circuit moving from mats, to bikes to mini trampolines. All I know is it’s a mighty good workout and after 30mins you can feel it which is great.

Following our first taster I actually signed up for the 12 session cartel, it’s great value and gives you the flexibility of using them when you like. You have pretty much 2-3 months to use the sessions up and due to an unfortunate Champagne bottle accident on New Years Eve I actually was out from exercise pretty much all of January.

I managed to fit in all the sessions though before end of February and they worked really well as I could do them first thing before work and still have plenty of time to get changed and into work.

My aim was to get through all the sessions (although never did manage to get Lawrence down to the Hiitgirl and Him session on a Sunday). To fit them all in at the end I ended up doing a double whammy starting with ‘Drench’ which was by far my best session. It involves strapping a heart monitor on and seeing your heartbeat on a screen in front throughout the entire session. You’re aiming to work as hard as possible and get to the red zone (< 90%). It’s incredible to see how fast your heart works during exercise and this was during a full 30min cardio session including short sprints.

Hiitgirl Studio
This isn’t me, but shows the studio.

Another good session was the Yogabomb. This involved 15mins hard cardio and then you lie down and do 15mins Yoga. Nice mix where you get the heart pumping and then finish off stretching out and slowing it all done.

Unfortunately I’ve now used up all my sessions and with moving house, not sure when can start them up again. But I would highly recommend giving them ago if you’re in or around the Crouch End area.