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March 2014

Winning! Generator Re-launch party.

On one of my daily skims of twitter I noticed ‘London on the Inside’ had posted a competition where one winner and their 7 friends won entry to an exclusive London hostel re-launch party. Along with entry, free drinks and free food you were also provided with two 4 bed rooms to stay the night in! Continue reading “Winning! Generator Re-launch party.”


Once upon a time..

There was a guy and girl who ventured into the basements of Shoreditch Town Hall to be immersed into various ‘Grimm Tales’. Continue reading “Once upon a time..”

Kaiseki by Kitchen Theory – An Evening of Molecular Gastronomy

This has been a long awaited meal that was booked in the diary donkey’s ago. A good friend Lulu is putting on a run of pop-up evenings with her husband, the brilliant chef, Jozef Youssef at House of Wolf in Islington. Continue reading “Kaiseki by Kitchen Theory – An Evening of Molecular Gastronomy”

The Last Supper – Italian Style

It was my last night in Crouch End and I was looking to thank the parentals with a meal on me for a change. There was only one place to go, the local Italian down the road Il Piccolo Diavolo just opposite Crouch Hill Overground Station. Continue reading “The Last Supper – Italian Style”

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