It was my last night in Crouch End and I was looking to thank the parentals with a meal on me for a change. There was only one place to go, the local Italian down the road Il Piccolo Diavolo just opposite Crouch Hill Overground Station.

We discovered this place a couple of years ago when we received an opening offer leaflet through the letter box. Having passed the restaurant on the W7 many a time you wouldn’t think anything of it until you try the food. Max the lovely owner welcomes you into his restaurant where he has managed to survive no doubt a very slow start and aren’t we glad he has.

The menu doesn’t change too much but there is a board of specials which has been changing everytime we go. I think there would be uproar though if some of the dishes on the menu changed especially the burrata which I shall move onto now.

The burrata is a must and the portion seems to get bigger and bigger each time. One large ball of gorgeous cheese is the centrepiece on a wooden board, which is surrounded by roasted vegetables and toasted ciabatta. The basil pesto is gorgeous on the bread and it all goes so well.


This time round we also shared some very big garlic prawns, six in total perfect for sharing between three.

Garlic Prawns

Onto the mains where all the pastas are homemade by Max’s wife and at the beginning they used to come round with their fresh pasta basket and describe the different types. I used to always get the al salmone pasta which was just lovely and creamy but this time I was in the mood for meat.

Having run through the specials it was time for choosing. Mum went for the ‘stinco’ (what a great name) which is the pig’s shin to you and me. This came with rice and vegetables which as you can see from the picture is a huge portion. The meat fell off the bone and the juices were dripping off the board.

stinco (pork shin)

I went for the wild boar ragu tagliatelle special, always a favourite and very tasty. Although I do think the salmon pasta’s are my favourite.

Wild boar ragu tagliatelle

Dad went for one of the pizza’s which are a decent size and lovely thin, crispy base.

We finished with two cakes to takeaway, a chocolate tart which was very rich and an almond and apple sponge cake.

If you happen to live in the area I can’t recommend this restaurant enough, great prices for amazing real Italian food. The place is starting to get a lot busier on weekends which is really good to see, but also means might be worth booking in advance just in case (although sometimes if early enough will look like this..).

Il Piccolo Diavolo