There was a guy and girl who ventured into the basements of Shoreditch Town Hall to be immersed into various ‘Grimm Tales’.

Shoreditch Town Hall
Shoreditch Town Hall

Enough of the rubbish storytelling from me.. we saw the tickets on Time Out for Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales adapted and directed by Philip Wilson and thought it sounded interesting. I’ve always wanted to go into Shoreditch Town Hall, so seemed like as good excuse as any to explore in a more unusual way!

Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales

On arrival you are given your complimentary cocktail and either a red or black wristband. Then the fun begins and you are ushered downstairs into one of the basement rooms while passing dimly lit corridors decorated with wedding dresses and random pictures lining the walls.


I won’t give away the surprise of the tales/rooms but there are 5 Grimm Tales told in total, Rapunzel, Three Snake Leaves, Red Riding Hood, The Juniper Tree and Hanz-my-hedgehog (great name).

For most of you, you’ll probably be like us and only recognise two of those but the other stories were highly entertaining and acted out very well.

Sneak Peek!
Sneak Peek!

There were two groups of actors who you switch between depending on which Grimm Tale you have entered. Their skills were excellent and held all of our attentions throughout!

I would highly recommend the experience and if you go for a matinee like us then maybe you can even squeeze in The Clove Club (the restaurant next door which I’ve been meaning to try for ages!)