On one of my daily skims of twitter I noticed ‘London on the Inside’ had posted a competition where one winner and their 7 friends won entry to an exclusive London hostel re-launch party. Along with entry, free drinks and free food you were also provided with two 4 bed rooms to stay the night in! To win all of this, all you needed to do was email with a joke, there was only one joke that came to mind, the first joke I ever learnt:

Why do giraffes have long necks…..

…. because their feet smell!

Get’s me every time and surprisingly it got to the folk at London on the Inside as on Wednesday I received an email saying I had won.

This was a day before the event, so had some last minute texts go round seeing who fancied it. It worked out perfectly for myself and two uni friends as we were heading off to Barcelona on Friday afternoon, so what better way to start a holiday than with a free party.

We met straight after work and made our way to the hostel which is located about a 15 minute walk from Kings Cross.

Generator Hostel London

Luckily we had decided we would leave out the staying over night party so could finish packing for the holiday, and it was probably for the best as the people on the door didn’t seem to have this detail down as part of our entry. Instead we were just ushered through to the busy inside with a ‘just go on in then’ in a rather sharp way, but that didn’t dampen our spirits.


The decor inside is incredible, the best hostel I’ve ever seen. You follow creative signs towards the various bars, one focussed solely to Heinekens and the other was just cocktails. Then we found the main bar which was sitting next to a very cool red London bus which was actually part of the entry to the toilets it turned out.

Generator Hostel Bus

We asked for three glasses of vino, thinking this would be some cheap plonk, but instead we were presented with three very large glasses of a lovely chilled Sauvignon Blanc. This turned out to be bottomless until the white ran out so it was onto an equally nice red.

Annie & I happy with our vino.
Annie & I happy with our vino.

We managed to taste two bits of food which were on offer, they were small tacos, one with a spicy chicken and the other with breaded fish. Both very nice but unfortunately the trays struggled to get further than the kitchen before swarms of people surrounded them.

It was lovely catching up with the girls over free drinks and had a great time exploring the rooms. One of our favourites was the chill out room which was circular surrounded with low steps that formed benches would be great after a tiring day of sightseeing. There’s even a little home cinema connected if you wanted to get really cosy.

Annie & Becca getting comfortable.
Annie & Becca getting comfortable.
Room filling up!

The highlight for Annie was when Mark Francis (from MIC) waltzed into the room. She did the awkward request a photo and carried the conversation on with ‘my band’s song was played on MIC’ (give it a listen, great tune).

Annie & Mark Francis
Annie & Mark Francis

I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone who has friends visiting London, they also have them in other European locations, we even walked past the Barcelona GENERATOR which was equally well designed and furnished.

The hostel in daylight..
The hostel in daylight..

Thanks London on the Inside!