The time had finally come for Lexi and I to make our way down to the Hayward Gallery and see what all the fuss was about at Martin Creed’s new exhibition ‘What’s the Point of It?’

Hayward Gallery

You walk in and suddenly presented with the swinging ‘Mothers’ sign, which makes you think straight from the outset.. What is the Point of It?

Martin Creed

After ducking under the low hanging bar you make your way through to the next room, which has many interesting pieces such as a tower of cardboard boxes stuck together!

Martin Creed Boxes

The most intriguing was the one titled ‘Blowing a Raspberry’, which has a speaker doing just that, is this art?

Blowing a Raspberry

I’ll try not to give away too many of the pieces, one in particular which you’re met with when you walk outside the first terrace – that was unexpected to say the least.

The main event which you’ll see the queue for is the room of balloons. It’s one in, one out but once you’re in it’s so much fun. Well worth the wait.

Lexi enjoying herself!

I have to admit I lost Lexi in the balloons and did panic slightly as they rose higher and higher, seems like there’s no way out.

Don't Worry
Breathe…and Don’t Worry.

But after a few deep breathes and avoiding all the hair which has stuck to the balloons you become a big kid again pushing your way through.

Laura Almond Balloons

Once we’d finished at the exhibition, we popped along to the BFI Riverfront bar and had a cheeky piece of cheesecake and glass of wine, what better way to finish off a cultural day.

BFI Riverfront Bar

I would recommend popping down to the exhibition, you’ll be entertained and captivated throughout, even if it is just thinking over and over ‘What is the point of it?’.