We were up bright and early ready to explore the city. It started with heading two doors down to a lovely little bakery, where the croissants were glistening with a sugary glazing.

Gracia Bakery

Topped up with coffees and food we were ready to get going.

Just two streets down we heard this big ‘Ow’ from Annie and then Rosie screamed and we all thought there was a big bee or something similar stuck to Annie’s head. It turns out a big bird had swooped down and pooed on her coat and straight into her hair! This caused great amusement at the expense of Annie and ended up with us heading to the nearest toilet (which just so happened to be the wonderful Generator hostel). Becca’s motherly ways kicked in and all traces were removed while Rosie and I grimaced from the doorway.

Bird Poo

We decided that Annie had taken one for the team in the good luck stakes, as by the time we’d left and continued on our way the sun had come out and stayed with us most the day!

We walked all the way down from Diagonal to Placa Catalunya and walked to a trendy area called Born full of stylish shops and cafes. We did take a detour via the Boqueria market off of Las Ramblas which is a must.

La Boqueria Market

The selection of fruits, meats, cheeses, nuts etc is vast. I have been told about a fish stall at the back where you select your fish and it’s cooked there for you, but we were there for stacks before lunch a bit later.

After our freshly squeezed juices we ended up with an interesting corn dog style battered sausage surrounded in cheese.

Spanish Corn Dog

Rather delicious in my opinion, Rosie and Becca weren’t so keen. We also shared a portion of small chorizos with an egg on top which was lovely.

Chorizo & Wedges

We then wandered through the beautiful shops and the also very strange shops, which included AleHop where they have small black dolls that smell of chocolate, which seemed a tad bizarre.

After a successful stop in a beautiful little shop called ‘Little Born’ we decided we were ready to sit down with some food and a glass of wine. We looked at the various ‘Menu del dia’s’ on offer in the square and finally chose upon ‘Loft del Born’.


This turned out to be a wonderful choice, 13euros for three courses and we each went halves on all the courses so we got to try a bit of everything.

First up was cod croquettes on top of padron peppers and a touch of pesto. These were lovely and soft in the middle with a crunchy outside which you’d expect.

Potato Croquettes

Next starter was a gorgeous chorizo and chickpea broth.

Chorizo, Chickpea Stew

The flavours were heavenly and the quality of the food was epic – so far we couldn’t believe what you were getting for the price!

For mains we shared a dish of cod and something called ‘gulas’ which we’d never heard of. They tasted a bit like pasta even though they are actually ‘imitation baby eels’. The dish was well cooked and a first for Becca and I.

Cod 'a la gulas'

The next half of the main was a skewered pork on a bed of rice, the meat was lovely and tender in a sweet sauce which went perfectly.

Pork Kebab

To end we decided not to share our deserts, and I went for the strawberries, although there was a chocolate ice cream and greek yoghurt on offer to as part of the menu.

All in all a very enjoyable lunch and after some wine and food we were ready to head back which was just when the rain started. It held off all day so we weren’t too bothered. Homeward bound via the metro to get ready for Rosie’s pre – bday party!