We had a wonderful evening for Rosie’s pre birthday at her friend Nadine’s beautiful flat in Placa Espana followed by making our way to Les Enfants, a club off of Las Ramblas.

Birthday Cake

We just about survived the Spanish way of getting to the club at 2.30am and not leaving until 6am – don’t know how they do that every weekend!

Had a massive ‘small world’ moment in that two school friends were also out at exactly the same time, and ended up being on the same flight on the way back. Lovely to get a night out with them in Barcelona as well.

Small World
With Jackie & Janine.

The morning after we forced ourselves out of bed to make the most of the day and get some fresh air. We stumbled down to Born again for a late lunch sitting outside in the sunshine. The food was ok but the service was shocking which didn’t help when all we were waiting for was some stodge to get rid of the hangover!

After a couple of hours we made our way towards Citadel Park which was beautiful, this really perked us up. Walked up the fountain stars where we spied little rowing boats and thought we have to give that a go.

Sun on Water

This was a lovely couple of hours spent enjoying each others company and especially watching Rosie’s lack of coordination with the oars, ending up with her spinning around in circles!

Rowing Boats

It started to get dark so we made our way back to Rosie’s ready to head out for a late dinner locally in Gracia.

We stumbled across a place called Sol de Nit (probably the only bar/restaurant not playing the Barcelona v Real Madrid match) which turned out to be an amazing find. We ordered a couple of drinks and then turned our attention to the vast array of tapas on offer. The beauty of tapas is you can keep ordering and share it all – no food envy here (unless you’re Becca and stupidly gave up bread for Lent)!

Sol De Nit


I neglected my camera for each and every course but some highlights were:

Potatos Bravas (always a winner)
Spinach croquettes
Pumpkin and goats cheese cannelloni style dish
Crispy calamari ‘a la andulacia’
Garlic prawns
Salad with goats cheese and nuts (my new favourite salad)
Chorizo in a red wine sauce (with tomato bread)

At this point we thought we could still eat a bit more.. so ordered a few more dishes including:

Spicy bomb (croquette style ball with mince in the middle)
‘Chicken nuggets’ with wasabi sauce

And finally the main attraction.. Sobrasada, cheese and honey toast – if anyone sees this on the menu I would highly recommend. I’ve found a recipe here and going to try and replicate the dish – seems very simple. ( I would suggest unlike this recipe, melting the cheese).

Sol de Nit Tapas

After another successful day it was time to hit home, which was our last evening together before we had to depart.

I’ll leave our last day to your imagination, but all I can say is Barcelona is wonderful and I would highly recommend you visit if you get the chance! Thank you Rosie for being a lovely host 🙂

The Girls