It was time to start the Bank Holiday weekend with a bit of culture so Nush and I headed off to the V&A to see the Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition.

The Glamour of Italian Fashion

The rooms began with a bit of history and showed one of the first fashion shows which was hosted in 1951, by Giovanni Battista Giorgini just after the end of the Second World War. There were some lovely outfits including this beautiful playsuit.


The exquisite tailoring showed off in this gorgeous cream outfit is just one of the main reasons why Italian Fashion has such international recognition.

Cream Tailoring

The silk and wool room just makes you want to touch the fabrics, but unfortunately you can’t!


The final room showcases designs from a mixture of Fashion Designers, some well known names and some up and coming designers who are fresh on the scene.

Dolce & Gabbana Couture
Dolce & Gabbana Couture

Yet again it’s a lovely exhibition and well worth a visit, even just to have a look at the glass chandelier that hangs in the lobby.

V&A chandelier

Now to earn me some money so I can afford an outfit or two from the Italian Fashion designers.. might be awhile, but a girl can dream!

Miu Miu
Miu Miu