In honour of the London Eye’s 15th Birthday they organised an event called 32Londoners. This involved each of the 32 capsules being filled with a well-known authority giving a talk on a famous Londoner.

London Eye

We had booked for one of the leading British photographers, Cecil Beaton, presented by Hugo Vickers who was Beaton’s authorised biographer.


It was no surprise that it was chucking it down with rain when we turned up for the scheduled arrival time of 8pm.

It was sponsored by Hendricks Gin and unfortunately the organisation was an absolute shambles.

Hendricks Gin

You weren’t given your specific capsule boarding time so had to hang around until you were called. No one had anticipated rain by the looks of things as there was no cover in the supposed ‘Garden Party’ waiting area – so it was pretty miserable waiting in the cold under an umbrella!

London Eye with Trees

We finally boarded our pod (we were about halfway luckily) and the experience turned for the better.

London Eye from Side

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the London Eye and not even sure if I’ve ever been at night.

Big Ben

The view is spectacular, and surprisingly it was very clear once the rain had stopped.

View from the Eye

Hugo Vickers was an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. We went in not knowing much about Cecil Beaton, but after 37 minutes (a slower rotation speed) we were captivated and definitely will be looking further into his life.

Hugo Vickers

Once we boarded the pod it was a great night and a wonderful way to see London at night. Just a shame about the organisation at the beginning.

London Eye Pod