6 of the country’s best detectives (maybe not) headed over to Kings Cross ready to solve The Diplomatic Corpse.

Diplomatic Corpse

Without giving too much away in this post, the story is of the Ambassador of Paudaguay who was recently killed and you have three suspects who may have done the deed.

The Diplomatic Corpse

You meet close to Kings Cross, pour over all the supplied material to help give you the background and clues to various locations you cover around Kings Cross.

Following Clues
Charlotte leading the troops!

We were sent out into the field to begin the ‘treasure hunt’. There are various contacts along the way helping you to find the next clue/riddle.

Diplomatic Corpse

Once the two hours are up you then head back to base (where it’s also BYOB so I would advise popping to the newsagent on the way back) to decipher your findings and submit who you think is the killer.


The evening had such potential but unfortunately the clues were just too hard and they didn’t seem to make much sense. One clue didn’t relate to another one so you came back even more confused.


Once the answer is revealed at the end, this didn’t even make much sense as all three suspect’s motives and how they would kill the ambassador were explained in length – meaning there wasn’t a clear killer.

Murder Mystery
Ant looking a little confused.

This was their preview night, so I’m sure a lot of the problems will get ironed out very quickly and the concept is a great one.