I’d recently seen something called ‘Voga’ advertised as launching in the Haggerston area. The description is ‘an infusion of Yoga and the popular 80s stylised dancing technique of Vogueing’ (which was popular in New York on the drag ballroom scene!)

Voga London
Voga Inspiration!

Three of us headed on down to The Proud Archivist to give it a try.

The venue is great, one I would recommend for dinner/drinks on a nice sunny day as it sits on the canal.

The Proud Archivist Canal

Unfortunately since this is a fairly new venue for Voga it was a bit of a shambles. The instructor was late and then they spent about 30 minutes trying to find the yoga mats.

Finally we got started and since it was early and we’d been messed around, I started off not quite in the greatest of moods.

I have to admit though as we got into the moves, I relaxed and started to enjoy myself. There was only 5 of us (all yoga novices) and before we knew it we were smiling and working up a sweat to a bouncy style of yoga.

A memorable moment, was doing the ‘Open and close’ move (don’t ask) when two random blokes wander in at just the right time!

I would do Voga again but would wait a bit until they get more organised at The Proud Archivist venue. It’s definitely a fun way to work up a sweat.

The Proud Archivist