It was finally time to head on up to Finsbury Park for the highly anticipated Arctic Monkey’s gig.

Arctic Monkeys

I’ve seen them a couple of times before but back in the day when they first started and had the ‘Sheffield Student’ look about them.

Laura at Arctic Monkeys

We reached Finsbury Park about 6pm for the support acts and were greeted with plenty of empty bottles already and a couple of people passed out before they’d even got into a park (there’s money down the drain!)

We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed our first pint listening to Miles Kane from the back in the sunshine.

Lawrence at Arctic Monkeys

One thing they just hadn’t got right was the toilet situation, the queues were round the corner – not great after continuous beer.

Toilet Queue at Finsbury Park

It was nearing the time for Arctic Monkeys to begin and so we made our way closer, just hitting the edge of the inner circle.

The anticipation from the crowd and then the pure excitement as they began was astonishing. It took me back a few years as we began to be covered with beer from people throwing their paper cups, which only added to the enjoyment surprisingly!

Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park

They played a lot of their newer stuff from the AM album but also threw in many of their older tunes.

The gig was great and showed that Arctic Monkeys still have it with their stage presence, if you get the chance to go see them, definitely take it!