Dad chose the Earl Haig Hall which has recently opened up in Crouch End. It is an ex-British legion / social club with bundles of character.

Earl Haigh Hall

Even the outside was covered with bunting (which may just have been for Crouch End Festival).

We made our way inside and were welcomed by rather a lot of young children running around with their Fathers.

Each table has a mismatch of furniture, including old cinema chairs just as you come into the door.

Earl Haigh Hall

Suddenly a man appears on a small stage and announces Singing in the Rain will begin in 5 minutes. This wasn’t quite going to sit well with Dad, but luckily the waitress saw our faces and reassured us that it would only last 10 minutes!

This turned out to be an interesting amateur tap dancing show – something different to say the least.

Crouch End Festival

Anyway, onto the food. I went for the special of Ribeye Steak and chips with a garlicky butter.

Earl Haigh Hall Menu

The steak was nice but bit too fatty, the chips were the main star, beautifully crispy with the skin on.

Steak & Chips

Mum went for the roast beef which came complete with an enormous Yorkshire Pud, you won’t go hungry here that’s for sure.

Roast Beef

Dad kindly shared his free Father’s Day pudding, which was gorgeous. A lemony cheesecake pot with blackberry compote on the top. Again huge so perfect for the 3 of us to share as we fought for the last bits.


If you’re a local this place is definitely worth a visit and is meant to get very busy and lively on weekends.

Earl Haigh Hall

With alcohol rather cheap it has the potential for hours of fun, and James McAvoy has even been seen frequenting the place and using it as his local!