A few months back Lawrence and I got our invite to the lovely Dougie’s belated birthday bash up in Stirling, Scotland.

Blarnaboard Bash

It was finally time for us to take the train up to Edinburgh and then head on over to Stirling.

Stirling Train Station

After driving down a very, very, long driveway we emerged into the beautiful surroundings of Dougie’s family home.

Blarnaboard Bash

We pitched up our tent and took a look around, which involved looking 360degrees and seeing field upon field into the horizon – beautiful.

Blarnaboard, Sitrling

Back down we went for the nights escapades. I should mention a special guest who was joining us after 18months in Australia, my bestie Gaby, made everything that bit better!


The evening involved two dinners, numerous rounds of Céilidh dancing which was incredibly fun. At one point all belongings were flying as I dumped Lawrence by getting far too excited and grabbing my next partner in crime, Beca!


There was even a Golf competition which was very tempting to get involved with, although it got a tad serious when all went silent as each player took their swing.

Dougie Golf
Where is that ball going to end up?

The highlight was after the huge bonfire we headed up to the campsite where the ‘raveshed’ began.

Stirling Bonfire

Dougie had set up the old golf shed with a great sound system that continued long into the night.

Rave Shed

The only downer was waking up in the morning sweating away in the tent at 8am and being covered in Midges bites. All was forgotten when we ventured back down to the house to be welcomed with a wonderful Scottish tradition of Lorne Sausages, Round Sausages and Venison.

And more hugs with Pip!

It was a great weekend, full of laughter, fresh air and we were so pleased to be part of the Blarnaboard Bash!

Girls Blarnaboard