I think we would all say that our best day in Ibiza was when we were lucky enough to have a chartered boat for the day to take us around Ibiza on one of their Sunset Tours.

Cafe Mambo Sunset

I had arranged this when back in the UK through the very helpful company Ibiza Property Shop, who have affiliations with a few other companies including Ibiza Speedboats.

We made our way to San Antoni just after lunchtime, this was our first look into the busy strip and boy were we glad we had been staying up at our beautiful villa.

San Antoni Marina

We were told to meet our skipper Graeme by the marina and we walked past the numerous boats guessing which one was ours. We’d gone for the smaller Rib boat so were expecting it to be a tight squeeze with 7 of us on there.

The lovely Graeme (ask for him if you can) picked us up some beers, prosecco and water before we jumped on board our vessel.

The boat was the perfect size for jumping over the very choppy waves, this made it even more thrilling going from bay to bay at high speed. Graeme couldn’t believe we didn’t ask to turn back and stay in the calmer waters, it was clearly the Prosecco talking making us shout ‘Faster’!

Ibiza Rib Boat - Graeme

We started at 2.30 and went round the bays on the West side of Ibiza, including Cala Bassa, Cala Roja, Cala Conta and Cala D’or. In each bay we stopped off for a swim in the crystal clear waters, although we hadn’t quite anticipated how many jellyfish would be joining us!

Ibiza Water

Jellyfish panic over it was glorious just looking out across the crystal waters and lying back on the boat to feel the calm, all made better with a cold beer by our sides.


The end of the boat trip was when we reached Cafe Mambo at San Antoni.

Cafe Mambo Ibiza

Hundreds of people group together on the beach to watch the sunset, but we were lucky enough to be watching from the boat with the crowds of people behind us.

Ibiza Sunset

It was a spectacular day and a great way to finish off the trip, I would recommend to anyone visiting to take the day out to do this.

Girls in Ibiza