There must be something in the Old Q air, since there’s been a domino effect of engagements recently which is all very exciting. One of these wonderful couples is Beca and Will who kindly invited us down on Saturday for celebrations.

RAC Club

We donned our heels and dresses and started the evening at the beautiful RAC club down on The Mall.

RAC club

With Will’s connections they had managed to secure the terrace on such a balmy evening with drinks and canapés occupying us for the first few hours.

RAC Terrace

It was lovely to see such happiness between the two and hats off to Will for his speech which set off at least four of our girls in floods of tears!

Engagement Speech
You might just see Anna wiping away the tears!

The sun started setting and it was time to gather the troops and move onto Jaks on the King’s Road. We’d only been here previously when it was Public Nightclub, but loving what they have done with the place under the name of Jaks.

Jaks Nightclub

The music had us dancing straight off but it was the decor as well which was so much better (well in my opinion anyway).

Jaks Nightclub

We were far too excitable to sit down and eat but would like to head back there for dinner in the restaurant as the smells were very enticing.

Queenswood Girls

Unfortunately we were turfed out at 12, but we had our next venue all sorted – it was off to Dukebox a short walk away along King’s Road (via a quick Tesco sandwich stop).

I have to admit this was a second night in a row at Dukebox (with the same people, don’t ask) but the place still managed to entertain us into the early hours.

Dukebox, Kings Road

It was a great evening and I can’t wait for the wedding next year, here’s to many more Q girl engagements / weddings in the future!

Queenswood Girls