A work colleague recently shared a link for the Royal Court Theatre’s new production ‘The Nether‘ by Jennifer Haley.


It’s the first time I’ve been to The Royal Court down by Sloane Square, and I have to say it’s a lovely venue.

Royal Court Theatre

There’s a nice looking restaurant in the basement which would be worth popping to for a bite to eat if you’re early.

Royal Court Theatre Balcony

Now onto the production itself, I’ll start with saying this is one of the few times I’ve heard Lawrence come out and say ‘That was amazing’, which is saying a lot!

Without giving away too much of the unexpected plot twists, I’ll try to give a bit of an overview. It follows the idea of an online virtual world called The Nether, which within it is their most advanced sensory innovation called ‘The Hideaway’. This specific section of The Nether is set up by a man known only as Pappa who has pedophile urges that he reflects towards this ‘world without consequences’ rather than acting them out ‘In-World’.

The story revolves around a woman detective who is interrogating Pappa to try and get his server location and argues how his world is disgusting and wrong.

That’s all I’m going to say but I would definitely suggest you head down and watch it for yourselves.

The play lasts for 1h20mins which means you emerge very early, which proved a great opportunity to have an evening stroll via the lovely houses of Eaton Square up to Victoria tube. One can dream of owning a house like this one day..

Eaton Square Houses