A uni friend kindly sent across a link for free entry to FEAST festival at Tobacco Dock. How could I say no to food stalls, cheap alcohol and a nostalgic walk down memory line back in old Shadwell!

FEAST festival

Lexi and I were the first to arrive (before a rather tipsy Polly joined us later) and we did a lap around all the stalls across the two floors in the wonderful venue.

FEAST festival

It’s a fascinating space, built in the early 19th Century as a secure warehouse for storage and receipt of tobacco. It was relaunched in 2012 as a modern venue with outdoor and quayside space, with lovely little alcoves and arches on the bottom floor. These were draped with fairy lights which added to the wow factor!

FEAST festival Absinthe Bar

Cat had excellently worked her way through the wine selection to have found the cheapest in the place, from a lovely Italian gentleman selling bottles of wine for £10 each.

FEAST festival

Next up was the food, Lexi and I rather boringly eyed up Anna Mae’s mac ’n’ cheese right at the beginning which lead to our food choice.

Anna Mae's Mac 'n' Cheese

Beautifully creamy, with a hint of mustard and when you see the huge stringy pan of cheese being stirred before you eyes, it’s hard to go anywhere else!

Anna Mae's

We did sample a couple of tasters from a burger stall on the bottom, which was incredible and accompanied with a dollop of chilli mayonnaise on top.

FEAST festival

These tasters were enjoyed whilst waiting for the Photo Booth sponsored by Foodism. Great idea for any events or weddings, just make sure you have plenty of outrageous props.

FEAST Festival foodism

By this point we had worked our way through the wine and they’d moved everyone inside, so we set up camp by one of the beautiful bird cages and had a good old giggle and catch up.

FEAST festival

This also lead to our positioning right by the enormous Scotch eggs, which made for the perfect late night snack.

FEAST festival Scotch Eggs

One drink I would highly recommend which we sampled on the way out was Harry Brompton’s alcoholic ice tea, very tasty but no doubt also very dangerous as could easily forget there’s alcohol in there.

Harry Brompton's Tea

It was an incredible evening and if you get the chance to go to an event at Tobacco Dock I would highly recommend. Unfortunately FEAST festival has now finished this year but keep an eye out for next year’s tickets.

FEAST festival