There is no better setting in London over summer than lying down in the Somerset House courtyard on a balmy evening as the sun goes down.

Every year they run their Summer Series outdoor cinema listings and this year Lawrence and I popped down for Marion Cotillard’s new film Two Days, One Night.Two Days, One Night

Now my second time of going I’m getting more and more prepared. Tip for those heading down, get down early to blag a good spot (enough for lying out fully). Bring blankets, pillows to make the cobbles comfy and at the same time so your head is propped up high enough to see the screen. Finally remember to bring lots of picnic food and you can also bring alcohol provided it’s in plastic bottles. The organised will also pop to Pizza Express before to get a takeaway pizza which you can then bring in with you.

Somerset House Summer Series

Once you’re settled with wine in hand and cocktail sausages in the other it’s time to lie back and enjoy the film.

Somerset House Summer Series

Two Days, One Night is about a woman (Sandra) who works at factory who is also suffering from depression. Her good friend informs her that all the 16 workers held a vote on keeping their €1000 euro bonus and the woman loses her job. They all voted in favour of keeping the bonus, but it turned out one of the other guys had pressured them all in to doing this saying if she didn’t lose her job, then they would instead.

The film is all about Sandra managing to get a revote for the Monday morning and spending all weekend trying to persuade her colleagues to let her keep her job. It’s a very deep and quite slow film about her struggle to stay motivated and keep going despite being knocked back.

I wouldn’t rush back to go see it but it is up for plenty of awards over the coming months.

The setting is wonderful for any film though and I would highly recommend you get online to book for next year’s showings.