It’s been a long long time since Lexi and I had seen the lovely Minnie and finally the time was upon us for our mini reunion. The venue for this triple date was the newish Big Easy Covent Garden restaurant.

Big Easy Covent Garden

I’ve been to the King’s Road one before and the novelty of the plastic bibs as you get stuck into lobster never gets old.

Big Easy Covent Garden

The Covent Garden branch is in a wonderfully spacious building with a huge selection of bottles on offer at the impressive bar where we took a pew at while the table was getting ready.

Big Easy Bar

We were downstairs where the live band got into full swing from about 8pm much to Minnie’s enjoyment, as she chimes ‘It’s a bit loud’ – oh how we’ve missed her!

Big Easy Covent Garden

Anyway back to the food, every day the Big Easy put on great daily offers, for our night it was Steak & lobster with fries and a drink all for £19.95.

Steak & Lobster

They’re real showstoppers in terms of size when your huge platter is plonked down in front of you.

Steak & Lobster

The meat was good quality for that price and the lobster meat was juicy and tasty, although always rather fiddly getting out the extra meat from the claws – thank god for the bib!

Steak & Lobster

I should add that we started our feast with a portion of crispy calamari with tartare sauce.


Now you’d think after all this food pudding might have been quite a stretch, but being Queenswood girls we decided to order one each to share. These were absolutely huge and may have been very yummy but perhaps a little too excessive and couldn’t quite finish it all.

First up was baked cheesecake complete with sultanas running through. The waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce would satisfy any sweet tooth. The best of the three in my opinion was the sticky toffee pudding. Moist sponge with the toffee running all the way through, again a huge portion, would order that one again!

Big Easy Puddings

It was a great catch up with the girls and lovely food throughout. I would recommend heading down with an empty stomach ready to tackle the huge portions on offer.

Big Easy