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September 2014

‘Bam-Bou’zzled By Amazing Food

Apologies for the very bad pun in the title, but just couldn’t resist and doesn’t really make sense but hey ho!

Anyway so Jenny and I finally had a long awaited catch up for dinner at Bam-bou just off of Charlotte Street. Continue reading “‘Bam-Bou’zzled By Amazing Food”


Good Deeds followed by The Old Dairy

As always Mum was carrying out one of her many good samaritan roles and this time we were volunteering with Visually Impaired and Wheelchair tennis down at the club with Metro Sports Club. Continue reading “Good Deeds followed by The Old Dairy”

Being a Tourist on your Doorstep.

After the work summer party the first meeting place with Becca was Bodeans for a hangover meat feast. Bodeans BBQ restaurant has a few outlets across London and offer big portions in the form of Kansas style BBQ’d meat.

Continue reading “Being a Tourist on your Doorstep.”

Carnaby Style Night – the Masses Descend!

We headed on down to Carnaby Street for the Style Night sponsored by GQ. It seemed the whole of London had the same idea with crowds spilling out of shops and taking advantage of the 20% discount and of course the entertainment. Continue reading “Carnaby Style Night – the Masses Descend!”

Hanging onto summer with a Backyard Cinema

After our tickets had been moved from July to September due to a dustbin lorry knocking into the screen (how rubbish is that), it was touch and go what the weather would throw us for our night at Backyard Cinema in Camden.

Continue reading “Hanging onto summer with a Backyard Cinema”

Gorging on Steak and Red Wine in York

The lovely Ed and Raphie booked is in at the Whippet Inn for a gorgeous steak meal – but that’s jumping ahead there were a few courses to enjoy before that. Continue reading “Gorging on Steak and Red Wine in York”

Come on City!

Lawrence and I headed up to York for the weekend starting with Friday night with the Godparents planning our India trip in November. Continue reading “Come on City!”

A breath of fresh air – with a hint of Garlic!

Polly, Dom and I headed off to Isle of Wight for the Garlic Festival, random I know! It was however the perfect excuse to get out of the city and enjoy the seaside air resulting in three¬†fresh faced and bushy tailed Londoners. Continue reading “A breath of fresh air – with a hint of Garlic!”

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