Polly, Dom and I headed off to Isle of Wight for the Garlic Festival, random I know! It was however the perfect excuse to get out of the city and enjoy the seaside air resulting in three fresh faced and bushy tailed Londoners.

Garlic Festival - Isle of Wight

We got up early to watch the point to point rowing race that was happening in Seaview just down the road from where we were staying. We got there just as they were coming back to shore – looked far too tough for my liking!


After watching all that exercise it was up to LP’s (Debbie’s cafe) for a lovely crab toastie.


We’d been recommended these and how could I say no to crab and cheese. Perfect stomach liner before we made our way to the Garlic Festival.


We arrived and felt like kids in a candy store surrounded by all the stalls with delicious smells and samples spilling over the counters.


First up was to find ourselves a drink and we stumbled across Old Joe’s cider stall. Sweet, dry or 50/50 was on offer and this was how cider should be. Dom even went for a pint of ‘Suicider’ – rather potent.

Old Joe's Cider

With drink in hand we moved next door to get our first taste of garlic in the form of corn on the cob drenched in garlic butter, so simple but yet so delicious!

Garlic Festival

We continued to pick our way through all the cheeses on offer, garlic cheese (obviously) but other lovely ones such as a cheese made from charcoal – probably my favourite.

Chutney Choosing
Polly working her way through the Chutneys!

We also stumbled across the entertainment which was utterly bizarre. They let loose about 6 sheep with different ‘racing jackets’ on, followed by a lovely border collie who started rounding them up and sending them through a racing circuit with various jumps they had to make. Not something you see everyday!

Racing Sheep in Isle of Wight

The main event is the garlic tent which is laid out with products from the Garlic Farm down the road who host the event. Grow your own garlic, garlic ketchup, elephant garlic, garlic beer (revolting I should mention), garlic ice cream, the list goes on. You name it and they’ll have added garlic to it!

Garlic Ice cream

After a long day of feasting on far too much cider and cheese it was back to Seaview for a nap and to admire our purchases.

Garlic Purchases

After this we had planned to join on a bar crawl but awoke feeling rather groggy so just settled under blankets and watched The Great Gatsby instead.

Garlic Festival - Cider

The next morning we strolled down to the corner shop and grabbed the Sunday papers along with supplies to complete a mammoth breakfast (accompanied with our recently purchased cheeses!) I really could get used to the Island life, very relaxing and beautiful scenery.

Garlic Festival