Lawrence and I headed up to York for the weekend starting with Friday night with the Godparents planning our India trip in November.

Amanda has done an amazing job with putting together our itinerary and kindly planning all accommodation and travel etc. For anyone looking to travel to India do give Maxwell Scott Travel a call, with inside knowledge and contacts across India they can help plan your next trip.

After a lovely evening it was off to meet Dad down at Bootham Crescent for Lawrence’s first York City home game. It had been years since I’d made the trip there and back in my younger years I was in fact a mascot for one of the games.


There’s something lovely about the intimate and traditional smaller grounds of the lower leagues. People like my Dad will have been supporting them for years since they were young and it’s a very friendly atmosphere (despite the odd shouting / chanting during the game but that’s of course all harmless). Also love the way the radio commentators are all sat with a rather obstructed view of one of the corners right at the back – you wouldn’t get that up at the premier leagues.

York City Commentators

It was a rather dull first half against Wycombe with no goals and a lot of time wasting from Wycombe’s side.

York City

York have drawn all their matches so far so they were after a win but despite a much more interesting second half (although Dad disagrees) it was still a 0-0 draw.

York City

Despite the result it was a lovely afternoon in the sunshine (makes a difference to the freezing winter matches) and fingers crossed York City get better results as the season goes on. Have seen that they did in fact beat Stevenage 3-2 so maybe things are on the up!