As always Mum was carrying out one of her many good samaritan roles and this time we were volunteering with Visually Impaired and Wheelchair tennis down at the club with Metro Sports Club.

Wheelchair Tennis

It was a good turnout and always impressive how far the players come for coaching and to have a game. Hearing their stories is always humbling and I have the utmost respect for how they have continued on with their lives and made the most of a bad situation.

The players use larger sponge balls which have bells within them so that they can hear it on each bounce. You play within the service boxes and are allowed two bounces but no volleys. To get a greater feel on how hard it is we closed our eyes and tried to hit just from the sound of bells – it’s very very hard!

Next up was wheelchair tennis, the players had a mammoth session the day before so unfortunately most of them didn’t make it down but while the chairs were there we gave it a go.

Wheelchair Tennis

The wheelchairs are a lot lighter than I thought making it easier to get around. As soon as you get into a proper rally with your racket in hand things become a whole lot harder. It’s the being so close but yet just not reaching that was ever so frustrating.

After a very tiring day parents kindly took Lexi, Luci and I for a spot of roast down at The Old Dairy.

The Old Dairy

We shared the potted crab to start with which was lovely although maybe a little too much sauce on the top.

Potted Crab

Next up was the Roast Beef with all the trimmings. Unfortunately the beef was a little too dry and the potatoes a bit too hard. The sticky toffee pudding saved the meal though and is it was so good the picture was a little blurred as I got too excited and dived straight in.

Roast Beef

It is a lovely venue though and a good local with lots of events planned throughout the week. If anyone wants to get involved with the tennis let me know as Mum is always looking for helpers.