Apologies for the very bad pun in the title, but just couldn’t resist and doesn’t really make sense but hey ho!

Anyway so Jenny and I finally had a long awaited catch up for dinner at Bam-bou just off of Charlotte Street.

We got there a little early so we could enjoy a drink in the bar right at the top. You make your way up the very slanted stairs and you get the feeling you’ve just entered someone’s house with different parties on each floor within private dining rooms.

Red Bar - Bam-bou

After a lovely gin based cocktail ‘Late Night Club’ it was downstairs to our table. Note to visitors make sure you don’t get too tipsy up in the bar as manoeuvring your way down on a few drinks would be rather difficult!

Bam-Bou Cocktails

First up we were straight into the starters to share, Giant Crackers with Bam-Bou chilli sauce. Crackers on a giant scale, what isn’t there to like!

Bam-bou Crackers

Now here’s where the food cranked up a notch, Pork Belly buns – tender melt in your mouth meat surrounded by a soft bun with a light soy sauce for dipping. Just exquisite – probably the best buns I’ve ever had.

Bam-bou Pork Belly Buns

Next up crispy squid with chilli sauce and ginger. Perfectly cooked, if only there was more.

Bam-bou Crispy Squid

For the main event Jenny was a creature of habit and went for Massaman curried lamb shank which was incredible. Meat that fell off the bone drowned in a creamy, spicy, nutty sauce.

Massaman Curry Lamb Shank

The charcoaled duck in a guava glaze jumped out at me and boy am I glad I went for it. Tender meat laid out so beautifully on the plate, it went incredibly well with the sweet coconut rice.

Bam-Bou Charcoaled Duck

Despite feeling full we couldn’t say no to sharing a dessert and so ended up with the buttermilk pudding and baked plum. Not something I’d usually choose but it was gorgeous. Creamy pudding accompanied by the sweet plum and then the added shortbread for an extra crunch.

Buttermilk Pudding Bam-Bou

The meal was an absolute delight and I would highly recommend to anyone in the area. Thanks Jenny for being a wonderful guest and here’s to many more meals together.