Since moving to Highbury we’ve had our eye on the lovely little fish bar/restaurant called Prawn on the Lawn. It began life as a fishmongers but now has a laid-back basement restaurant downstairs which just has a chalkboard with all the food on offer. They only have a cold-food license which is all they need and with the fish top quality you don’t need anything else.

Prawn on the Lawn

We took awhile dissecting the menu and with so many amazing things to choose from it was hard to narrow down. In the end we started off with 1/2 pint of prawns with a lovely paprika creme fraiche. Simple but perfect!

Prawn on the Lawn - Prawns

Next up was the burrata which being the cheese fiend I am was the disk I pushed for – just couldn’t resist. Huge cheese served up with pistachio and truffles, gorgeous especially when accompanied by the toasted soda bread.

Prawn on the Lawn - Burrata

Now onto the big stuff, as a treat we plumped for the 1/2 Padstow lobster with a tomato and tarragon salad. At the same time we also ordered the Whole Padstow Crab.

Prawn on the Lawn

Now this is a very fiddly procedure, even with the many tools you’re provided with. What put me off a little bit was I never realised in the body how much jelly, brown crab meat is in there. The good stuff is hiding away in the knuckles and legs so be prepared to get a bit messy but it is worth it once you get the meat!

Prawn on the Lawn

Having managed to use up our table time when it got to finishing the food the waiter kindly asked if we would move upstairs to the ‘bar’ area if we wanted dessert. Now we nearly said no to pudding but my god am I glad we said yes! This was one of my favourite puddings ever, Salted Caramel pot. Even thinking about it now makes me dribble, pure heaven!

Prawn on the Lawn - Salted Caramel Pot

Prawn on the Lawn is a great place to pop in for a drink and top notch fish dishes, would highly recommend if you’re ever in the area. Make sure you book if you want the restaurant downstairs as it fills up very quickly.

Prawn on The Lawn