Now the evening didn’t start off too well as I managed to time the tube at Caledonian Road with all the Arsenal fans. If that wasn’t bad enough my exit was among bus loads of slow walking tourists at Leicester Square! As you can tell I was in a fine mood when I finally got to Canela Cafe in Seven Dials.

Canela Cafe

We hadn’t booked anywhere so this was a last minute choice and has been a place that we’ve often walked past on the way to the Donmar Theatre. Their offering is simple but good Portuguese Food & Wine.

Canela Cafe

With stress levels high there was only one thing for it – to start on the Red Wine. If you drink by the glass I would definitely recommend the premium reds, same price as all the others but normally £38 a bottle. We had a couple of wines from the Douro Valley which brought back flashbacks from many splendid Portugal trips.

Canela Cafe
Wasn’t all ours!

Now onto the food, Lawrence went for Bacalhau à Brás from the larger dishes. This a traditional dish which was cooked to perfection, soft flaky fish high in flavour. Would recommend getting a side dish of bread or we had the flatbread which actually went very well.

Bacalhau à Brás - Canela Cafe

I chose from the small dishes, first up Chorizo in a lovely sauce which had a slight spice to it – perfect with the red wine.

Chorizo - Canela Cafe

Then it was onto the cod fritters, simple comfort food.

Salt Cod Fritters

It’s a great place for a pre-theatre drink and food, with it being very easy to get a table with no reservations on a Saturday night.

Now onto Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. We made our way down to the Savoy Theatre, luckily Lawrence had been not so long ago otherwise it’s surprisingly tricky to find the entrance!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This was a recommendation of the Archers and was also using Birthday theatre vouchers which they kindly gave me. We normally have very similar taste although unfortunately on this occasion we found Dirty Rotten Scoundrels rather off the mark.

The main attraction is having Robert Lindsay as the lead (you’ll remember him from My Family). The play was very much slapstick and dated humour which wasn’t quite up our street. It just seemed overly cheesy and predictable, but as a typical West End theatre it would be great for tourists and the audience was very much of the older generation who were in fits of laughter.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

We will be watching the film soon to see how that compares because have heard very good things! Still a good evening out and with vouchers still left, looking forward to the next production!