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November 2014

Coq d’Argent – 1 Poultry

The lovely Archers had arranged a gathering at the D&D Coq d’Argent restaurant situated up at the top of the 1 Poultry building. Continue reading “Coq d’Argent – 1 Poultry”



This innovative new food addition to the London scene started about 18 months ago out of a truck which made it’s way around the city. Bunnychow originated in the 40s from Durban, South Africa and was devised by Indian workers who came up with the clever bread container to hold their curry on the long walk in the blazing sun. Simply put a Bunnychow is a hollowed out bread loaf filled with a variety of tasty stew recipes.


After travelling to the various pop up feast events and further afield to the likes of Glastonbury they trialled a more permanent home in one of the crates at Box Park. This fast became too cramped since the kitchen also supplied the truck and it was time they found a larger home. A month ago Wardour Street became that special place in the heart of Soho and we were kindly invited down to see what all the fuss was about.

We went straight after work which is probably their quietest point in the day which did however mean they were able to be extra hospitable and emerged with small pots of each of the fillings to allow us to sample before making our final choice. Their busiest time is lunch and weekend evenings for those in the centre of town who’ve had a few drinks and need something stodgy to soak up a little too many bevvies.


The bunnies are a great winter warmer with all the stews piping hot when they come out and once you add the bread into the equation becomes very filling. I enjoyed all of them although standout combinations were the pulled ‘Pork ’n’ Pickle’ which consisted of pulled pork, slaw, homemade pickles and BBQ sauce. The second favourite was the ‘Bangcluck Bunny’, chicken, squash, breansprouts and thai ginger sauce. All of the stews have a slight spicy kick to them, which is great for clearing a winter cold.


There’s a strong debate going on between the Bunnychow staff titled ‘fingers versus forks’, as you can guess this relates to how do you eat your bunny? We went for the slightly more elegant route of using forks but there’s a definite urge to get messy and go for the finger approach.


On ordering we had eyed up the ‘Buffins’ that sat by the counter and it was time to end the evening with something sweet. We were able to try all three, jaffa muffin, double choc peppermint and lemon meringue muffin. All the muffins are baked daily by their partnering artisan bakery and then Bunnychow complete the fillings and muffin tops in house every morning.


There’s a great enthusiasm from the Bunnychow brand and all the founders who’ve been there since the beginning are on hand making sure things run smoothly and enforce the vision they have. We spoke to one of them who said the next dream was to have their bakery in house and obviously to keep spreading Bunnychow by expanding. It’s a nice alternative and hearty meal but still with a fast food feel to the restaurant and definitely worth popping into for a winter warmer.

Restaurant Story – Best Gastronomical Experience EVER

Apologies for the rather enthusiastic title and for the many photos that are to follow but I just can’t express how incredible our meal at Story was. Now this isn’t a regular occurrence as I’m not going to lie the prices are rather on the pricey side but for the additional dishes that you get it is so very worth it. Continue reading “Restaurant Story – Best Gastronomical Experience EVER”

Soft Launch of Gordon Ramsey’s Heddon Street Kitchen

Received the email from Heddon Street Kitchen that they were doing 50% off for their soft launch before it officially opened on Saturday 8th December. This is yet another one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and is inspired by Bread Street Kitchen in the city. Continue reading “Soft Launch of Gordon Ramsey’s Heddon Street Kitchen”

Smokehouse – meat, meat and more meat.

After driving past Smokehouse on numerous occasions it was finally time to give it a try. The owners of Smokehouse have quite a collection in establishments The Princess of Shoreditch, The Pig & Butcher and Noble Inns. As the name would suggest Smokehouse is very much focussed around good quality British meat and lots of fire. Continue reading “Smokehouse – meat, meat and more meat.”

Bopping along to Yours Truly at Klub Trop

The talented quartet of Will, Aram, Freddie and Wylie have joined forces to set up their monthly club night ‘Yours – A nice place to dance‘. The venue for the permanent evening is currently under construction but is from the people behind the wonderful Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker pub down by Angel. Continue reading “Bopping along to Yours Truly at Klub Trop”

Heirloom Restaurant – Crouch End

As a born and bred Crouch Ender it’s always nice to see new restaurants on the Broadway popping up, hoping that they’ll be a good one and survive the high rent. Heirloom opened up towards the beginning of the year taking advantage of the large space which has been a bit of a curse in Crouch End for restaurants not surviving. Heirloom’s vegetables are all grown in their Buckinghamshire farm and the rare-breed meats are all perfectly chosen for their daily changing menu. Continue reading “Heirloom Restaurant – Crouch End”

Bottomless Prosecco Lunch with the Ladies

Us uni girls love a good catch up and where better then a set menu with bottomless prosecco for £35 at the lovely Almeida Restaurant in Islington. Continue reading “Bottomless Prosecco Lunch with the Ladies”

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