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December 2014

Newly Opened M-Raw

The highly anticipated M restaurants opened a month ago and are the brainchild of ex Gaucho Managing Director Martin Williams. The impressive building sits just off of Threadneedle Street in the heart of London’s city offices. It boasts an upstairs bar which was designed by Lance Perkins, who is currently Bars and Beverage Director at the Edition hotel. Continue reading “Newly Opened M-Raw”


House of Ho – Mini School Reunion

Recently an old school friend who I hadn’t seen since probably the age of 16 has joined my agency and is sitting right behind me. After such a long time it seemed only fitting we pop out for a proper catch up over some food and a glass of wine. Our venue of choice was House of Ho which opened about a year ago in the Soho area and is owned by New-Zealand born chef Bobby Chin who has written a few books on vietnamese cuisine. Continue reading “House of Ho – Mini School Reunion”

Old School Treat of Sheekeys

It was the lovely Debbie Archer’s birthday and they kindly invited me along to join in the celebrations at the one and only J Sheekey fish restaurant (normally referred to as Sheekeys). For those who aren’t familiar with Sheekeys it is a well known seafood and fish restaurant which was opened in 1896 by Josef Sheekey who was a fish seller in the local market. It now sits within the Caprice Holdings group who also own The Ivy, Scotts, Bamb-bou (which you may have read my previous visit there) so as you can see it is up there with the greats. Continue reading “Old School Treat of Sheekeys”

Family Day Out for my special Mum’s Bday

Mum has had a very tough year and on her actual birthday I was unfortunately away in India (hence the radio silence on the blog – more information to come) so on my return I’d arranged for a little day out to treat her. Continue reading “Family Day Out for my special Mum’s Bday”

White Water Rafting – Lee Valley

Finally it was time to experience the wonderful Xmas present from the Kopelman’s which was White Water Rafting at the Olympic course in Lee Valley. Now you may be thinking why wait for November when it’s no doubt going to be freezing in the water but surprisingly the thrill and your sexy wetsuit meant you barely noticed. Continue reading “White Water Rafting – Lee Valley”

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