Apologies for the radio silence, been rather hectic in the office, but I’m back and what better way then words from Lawrence’s surprise birthday weekend in Paris.



Having had it booked for months it was rather interesting the week of our trip to see the breaking news of the horrifying Charlie Hebdo situation. Not letting it ruin our time we jumped on the Eurostar Friday morning and within a few hours we had arrived at our beautiful boutique hotel, Hotel Therese, right in the centre of Paris. The decor is fabulous, would love to replicate the lounge rooms in my own place one day.



As with most Paris hotels the rooms are rather small but it’s perfect for a weekend of sightseeing and walking due to it’s wonderful location.

After dumping our bags we headed on out to follow the usual tourist trail seeing the Louvre, Notre Dame and generally just appreciating the picturesque setting.


The sunset that welcomed us as we walked along the river really lived up to Paris’s romantic reputation.


Being the foodies we are, I’d done some research and had booked us in at Le Chateaubriand for dinner which is on many lists as one of the Top 50 Best restaurants in the World. You are provided with only one food option, their tasting menu, which is really good value for the amount of courses you receive. The restaurant is a relaxed affair that gets packed out as it’s a rather small space and being so popular book in advance.


Now for the food, our appetisers were moorish cheese puffs, wafer thin clams. Crispy skin on prawns with a garlicky dip then finishing off our ‘nibbles’ with a scallop broth.





The main dishes started with an amazing squid, thin prosciutto with bitter leaves and crispy lemon, which they definitely don’t scrimp on the squid, very generous portions.


Next up was a very tasty salted cod with crispy seaweed chips, simple but yet perfectly executed.


The meat course was Lawrence’s favourite and a bit of a life changer for him! It may sound basic but was a chicken pousselet which apparently is a large hen but my god the meat was tender and became a highlight from the night.


For dessert I went for the cheese plate, couldn’t resist while in Paris but Lawrence went for the chef’s surprise.


This consisted of an apricot that had been injected with liquid so that when you popped the whole thing in your mouth it popped followed by the crunch of the meringue.




It was a lovely first night and great value for money compared to some of the other restaurant tasting menus.


We finished off our night at a locals bar, Le Perchoir which sits above a block of flats with great views over the city. If we hadn’t been told about this place then we would never have found it, but it is so worth it and don’t be put off by the dodgy looking lift you have to go in to be taken to the top!


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