I’m conscious that the last post was getting a tad too long, so shall finish off our weekend with a final walk in the sunshine down to Tour Montparnasse which is a hidden gem off the tourist trail but yet with an incredible view.


After walking past the Louvre and heading south from our hotel we walked to Montparnasse passing the many Sunday morning markets with the waft of stinky French cheese making it’s way towards us.



Tour Montparnasse 56 from the outside looks like just any other 70s style office tower and in essence that has been its main function since the tower was inaugurated in 1973. It has 5,000 employees working daily across 53 floors but as with many office buildings they have now turned the 56th flower into a viewing platform for tourists and locals to enjoy.


The Eiffel Tower may be the main attraction for most people when looking for a birds eye view of Paris but the beauty of Montparnasse is there is no queues to get in and then the view is just as incredible, if not more so as you get to look onto the Eiffel Tower one of the key landmarks!


The first floor is inside but then you walk up two more levels and you open out onto the outdoor Terrace which is an impressive sight with 360 degree views across Paris. In the summer they even have a champagne bar on offer but unfortunately it was a little too cold to sit outside with a glass of bubbly!


It’s definitely worth a visit next time you go and was a great way to end the trip before heading back on the Eurostar.


Paris is a wonderful city and every time I go the experience is completely different and you can discover new restaurants, bars, galleries and sights. With it being such an easy commute on the train (quicker than going to Sheffield) there’s no excuse for not exploring it further.