Now I’m afraid the weekend really took control of us and there won’t be any restaurant reviews since this didn’t quite fit into our plans. Instead the next few posts will be more about our escapades and a bit of a bar and pub crawl with a few tourist attractions thrown in for some culture!


The lovely Charlotte from uni recently moved across to Belfast for work and so what better reason than for 4 of us to pop on a flight and explore Belfast life. We landed in the evening and were welcomed by Charlotte’s very impressive penthouse flat right in the centre, for a fraction of London rent prices, perhaps Lawrence and I should make the move!


We all met the man who would steal our hearts for the weekend (until he started going to the toilet on the couch), Bruce the rabbit. What a beautiful ginger chap, more pictures to follow no doubt!


We woke up with a slight fuzzy head but charged on ahead to bask in the glorious spring sunshine.


A five minute walk and we had set up camp at Robinson and Cleaver’s Terrace over looking City Hall in Donegal Square. Seeing as it was Alice’s birthday it seemed rude not to order a couple of bottles of prosecco and a beautiful meat platter!



We settled for a few hours especially when the union strike marched in front of us which meant rather a lot of Irish firemen, so Charlotte was hunting down her future husband!


So as not to ignore all that Belfast has to offer we made our way onto the open top tour bus which takes about 1.5hrs and gives you a bit of history 101 into the city.


We made our way first off to the Harland and Wolff shipyard which was founded in 1862 during Queen Victoria’s reign. It was from this shipyard where the infamous Titanic set sail in May 1911 and we didn’t get chance to visit the museum but it’s meant to be great to see.


The next stop was really eye-opening and gave you an insight into the troubles between the Nationalist and Loyalist communities since the early 70s. I can’t even imagine what it was like to live through the worst of it and even now the towering walls are closed on weekends apart from an hour each day to let people pass through.


After our whistle stop tour and a few numb fingers and toes from the cold air up at the top we stopped off at The Crown Liquor Saloon pub for food.


The Crown is in fact one of the oldest pubs in the city and also the most bombed, it’s decor originates in the 1820s and then had a renovation in 1885 which saw the installation of the beautifully crafted downstairs booths.

Ireland's Historic Pubs


On the walk home to Charlotte’s flat we stopped off at the beautiful Rita’s cocktail bar, secluded and intimate with great decor including a very high fireplace surrounded by tiles.





Alice’s birthday celebrations continued late into the evening at Filthy McNasty’s which has a wonderful outdoor ‘Secret Garden’ which would be great in summer.



Our final stop was Laverys which it’s main attraction for most would probably be the pool room up the top but we had a great old time dancing along to the cheese!!


What a great first day with fabulous friends in a beautiful setting.