Our hangovers were eradicated as soon as little Bruce jumped up on our beds to say good morning, so we took his lead and got ready for our next day in Belfast. It started with a trip around Crumlin Road Gaol which dates back to 1845 and it only closed it’s doors in 1996.


It is a beautiful showcase of Victorian architecture and with a huge amount of history attached to it. Notably its had 17 executions within the prison and the last one happening in 1961. Witnessing the execution room while hearing the graphic details nearly proved too much for Cat in her queasy hungover state!


It was a really interesting tour, especially to hear about the segregation of the republican and loyalist parties and how they would have lunch separately but on many occasions whoever went in first left bombs for the next sitting.


After a rather sombre but educational morning it was off to The Garrick pub to settle in for an exciting afternoon of Six Nations rugby. The lovely Beth had saved us a table, although as we arrived in a room full of Irish there was Beth in her Welsh shirt standing proud and trying not to get attacked!


It was soon obvious that Charlotte’s knowledge of rugby was limited to who was the hottest on the pitch and after a few beers we were basking in the rugby atmosphere. We moved downstairs for the England v Scotland match and got rather a lot of amicable heckles from the Irish folk and the token Scottish in the room but it was all fun banter!


We couldn’t not visit a true Irish pub before we left so moved onto Kelly’s Cellars which was built in 1720.


Beautiful low ceilings and we were welcomed by an Irish live band as we walked through to find a table, very quaint.



We also heard about Mourne Seafood restaurant which is next door that is apparently great, one for next trip!

After a quick shower we were off out to Love and Death club in centre of town. Some very cool decor inside, would have looked right at home in the likes of Dalston or Shoreditch.



It was a hilarious night with plenty of laughter and dancing what better way to spend our last night.


On our last morning there was just time to pay a trip to St George’s Market round the corner from Charlotte’s.



What every hangover needs an indoor food market complete with sausage and egg breakfast bap, heavenly.


It was an incredible weekend and would recommend Belfast as a city to visit for anyone looking at a long weekend there. Here’s to many more long weekends with the gals!