The wonderful Archers were generous and kind enough to open up their annual ski trip to partners this year, which Tom and I jumped at the opportunity.

We arrived to a dark and snowy Lech which didn’t allow us too much insight as to what was going to welcome us come the morning. We were staying at Hotel Tannbergerhof which was an incredible location right at the start of the ski slopes. It also had beautiful decor throughout which made for a very comfortable week.


One added bonus was the bar out front which proved quite a hit for our drink of choice of an ‘apresski’ Aperol Spritz!

Lech - skiing

Lech has beautiful slopes which interlink with many other runs in areas such as Warth, Zurs, Zug and the scenery is breathtaking.



Tom had never been skiing apart from a 6 hour session at Hemel Hempstead (although he picked it up incredibly quickly), I was pretty much beginner apart from a ski trip about 15 years ago so we opted for ski school on the first morning with Hans Peter. It’s a great option for people who need a bit of a refresher or even for the more advanced, there’s always extra things to learn!

From then on it was all about practice and of course having the wonderful assistance of my own personal instructor – Lawrence.


The first few days were a little shaky and the bruises down my left leg prove it but as the week progressed things got a little easier, there was bit more speed and fewer falls!


There’s something about getting up early, enjoying the breakfast bar then hitting the slopes. Stop for lunch around 1pm eating outside on a mountain before continuing with some skiing after lunch.


The Aperol Spritz session begins about 5ish once the skis are off and you’re standing steadily on two feet (well maybe not after a long apres ski session).


The food at Tannbergerhof was great and every morning you make your dinner choices for that evening which ran in this order – huge salad bar, starter, soup or ‘power’ drink, main course and then dessert. A cheese plate is laid out from start to finish which normally means it gets gobbled up during the salad bar otherwise you soon realise there is no room left after dessert!


Here are just a few of the highlights from the week’s meals. Seared tuna with wasabi ice cream which was a wonderful combination and very pretty.


Suckling pig with salad (suckling animals were a theme for that evening much to Debbie’s horror).


Salmon with a beautiful tagliolini and mussels sauce which was a lovely main course.


Venison carpaccio with large sliced walnuts and raspberry sauce followed by duck with polenta and a rich sauce.



On our last night the entire evening was dedicated to oil fondue, initially having seen fondue you think cheese but not in Austria. This involved plates of raw meat and fish with two boiling hot bowls of oil that you dip your fondue sticks into and pray that it cooks through otherwise the next day will not be pleasant.


I have to say despite the niggling in the back of the mind I rather enjoyed the meal and ploughed through the plates of meat and fish, avoiding the charred bits which were the ones that got away!


On our last day with a few hours to enjoy in Lech before we had to jump on our plane home we started walking to Zurs.


The walk was incredible, following the winding path surrounded by the snowy mountains and blue skies.



After our last schnitzel before home it was hard not to get depressed at the prospect of leaving our paradise.


It was such a wonderful trip and I enjoyed the skiing immensely, fingers crossed to keeping the skiing up and to not leaving a 15 year break next time! Thank you again Archers for a stunning time.