Pachamama opened up towards the end of 2014 and once you find the inconspicuous restaurant door you make yourself downstairs and are welcomed by the bustle of the dimly lit bar. The Peruvian restaurant scene is growing rapidly in London with places such as Lima setting the standard. Pachamama’s head chef Tom Catley has an impressive resume as head chef of ottolenghi, Peyton and Byrne and firsthand Peruvian experience from Amaz in Peru.


After settling down at our alcove table and making a start on the impressive Pisco cocktails menu it was time to study the food. Rewinding a little bit, Pisco is a traditional brandy which is produced in the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile, boy is it tasty!


After a long day in the office we put our faith in the waitress to choose us the food for the evening. After providing her with a ‘how hungry are you’ rating the food then began rolling. The beauty of Peruvian tapas style is the dishes are small enough to just keep sharing and get a taste for everything.

The dishes were coming fast and furious but highlights from the evening included the salmon ceviche with beetroot, ‘duck on rice’, beautifully tender pork belly, salt and aji squid, crab churros. The star of the evening would have to probably be the Beef cheek ‘Lomo Saltado’, incredible.


There wasn’t a dud in the food throughout the whole evening, just plate after plate of pure heaven.


After a little breather we had a small selection of ‘sweets’ to enjoy, one that i’m not sure exactly what it was called but wow – chocolate mousse with crunchy salty peanut still topping and ice cream.


It was a wonderful meal and would highly recommend people pop on down to give it a try especially if in a large group since it means you get to sample even more dishes.