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October 2015

Sampling the sweet nectar of Denver Craft beer.

Now we had planned to rent a car and drive up into the mountains but unfortunately the week was a little mental so left it too late and so our plans became walking and touring around Downtown instead (mountains would come later).

The lovely clients over the week had given us a long old list of places to try so it seemed rude not to give them all a go.

Friday night started on a terrace in Ale House at Amato’s which had a long list of craft beers, Steve was very happy indeed. Continue reading “Sampling the sweet nectar of Denver Craft beer.”


Eating in the U-S of A – Denver, Colorado

Now I have to start with apologising for my radio silence, it has been a crazy couple of months! I’m now back in London and one of the trips I want to share with you all was a recent stint in Denver Colorado. After 9 months nursing my work baby it was almost time to let her go and release her to the world. In the run up to the launch a couple of us had the chance to go out and live in Denver for a couple of weeks. How could I say no! Continue reading “Eating in the U-S of A – Denver, Colorado”

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