Now we had planned to rent a car and drive up into the mountains but unfortunately the week was a little mental so left it too late and so our plans became walking and touring around Downtown instead (mountains would come later).

The lovely clients over the week had given us a long old list of places to try so it seemed rude not to give them all a go.

Friday night started on a terrace in Ale House at Amato’s which had a long list of craft beers, Steve was very happy indeed.

Ale House

Ale House at Amalfi's

Again we spent Friday down in the Highlands, it’s just such a beautiful area that we couldn’t stay away. After some food and a few beers we moved on and passed the infamous Little Man Ice Cream.

Little Man Ice Cream

This place is legendary in Denver despite the minimum 30minute queue. It was a little late to be tempted by the long queue for ice cream but we are assured that it’s well worth a try, one for next time.

Little Man Ice Cream

Instead we worked our way upstairs to Linger, where the Vietnamese food looked and smelled gorgeous but unfortunately we’d already eaten.

Linger, Denver

Instead we were heading for the RV bar on the rooftop, which didn’t sell the greatest drinks but did have a wonderful view over the city all lit up in the evening.

Linger, Colorado

After trying to finish our drinks we moved onto our next and final stop – Avanti’s.Linger, Denver

Denver has quite the reputation for the male to female ratio, with it even getting the nickname of ‘Menver’, Avanti’s certainly verified this. Obviously I’m off the market but was amusing to people watch and witness the many courting attempts going on on the outside terrace.


It’s another great setup with huge outdoor space, good drinks list and if you get peckish a small opening in the wall which serves shawarmas.


The next day we hopped on the very efficient light rail that served as our link from the hotel straight to Union Station downtown.


Union Station is an incredible building right in the centre and looks extra special against a blue sky background don’t you think.




We walked up streets with plenty of reminders of home!


We then found ourselves in Denver Beer Company, with its small brewery attached to the side.



We perched at the bar and watched the ongoings of Denver life, including a hen party visit to the brewery (you wouldn’t see that in London much).


Not quite ready for food it was off to Prost Brewery which proved to be Steve’s favourite of the trip I believe. Wonderful amount of outdoor space in the middle of a car park, complete with beautiful dogs sunbathing on the floor. So many dogs in the area, my dream! The beers are a great mixture, with lager style ones, deep hoppy beers and everything either side, plenty of choice even for those who don’t particularly like beer too much.


Our dinner for the evening was Colt & Gray, yet another wonderful recommendation from our clients.

Colt & Gray

Making the most of the mild weather we sat outside under the twinkling fairy lights and began studying the menu.


Our evening was rather amusing due to a tipsy waiter who seemed to disappear halfway through the meal, due to ‘having a bad day’. After our plate and wine survived his unstudy hand we tucked into our feast.


First up we shared the crispy pig trotter which was gorgeous. Tender meat inside a large crispy croquette with a mild sauce.


Then it was the beet burger – olive oil financier, beets, goats cheese and basil. It sounded very interesting so couldn’t resist ordering them and they were lovely. Little mini cheesy veg burgers with the vibrant red coming through.


For mains there was no sharing as we both went for our first steak of the trip. Incredible meat, Denver really does have a speciality in the steak area, London will struggle to compete.


It was a lovely day of exploring what downtown has to offer but yet we still had barely moved down the list! Few more posts on their way I’m afraid.