Now this was a favourite of mine just before Christmas but unfortunately I didn’t have chance to spread the word. In fact I may have frequented the beautiful venue at least three times so it’s only far I share the love.


German Gymnasium is a new opening from the wonderful D&D franchise who have the likes of Sartoria, Quaglinos to their name and many more. What makes GG extra special is the building in which it has housed itself.


Situated just behind Kings Cross surrounded by the wonderful regeneration that has been happening you will find the gymnasium which was in fact the first purpose built gymnasium in England and was built in 1864 for £6,000! Now you have no doubt walked past this place for years but it has been hidden until now and when you walk into that space you really are taken aback.


We were lucky enough to experience the downstairs all day dining area during the soft launch, which meant ladders and builders still floating around the place. All the more exciting to see it almost there but still adding in the extra sparkle.


I’ll start with the food from our first outing with the parentals and Lawrence. As you can probably imagine the food has a German theme with the all day dining menu serving up big hearty portions. Perfect for a cold, wet evening.

It was a fishy starter for us all and as you can see very large portions. Lawrence’s in particular hadn’t realised he’d ordered a whole mackerel. The salmon was lovely with a hash brown style potato mound.

Now for the Grand Cafe menu you can’t go and not have either the veal schnitzel which was lovely and moist, flavoursome meat.


Now the other winner which was the one I had was the Currywurst which you may have seen in many pictures. The epitome of comfort food but boy is it filling.


Not quite finished off yet we shared desserts of apple strudel and red fruit compote.

Now our next outing was Lawrence and I’s anniversary, this time up in the gods in the posher part of the restaurant, complete with white table clothes.

Here the menu is a bit more expensive but they up the presentation of the german cuisine.

Starters were a beautifully presented native lobster cocktail, if only there was more. Then the real highlight was the soup which unfortunately looks like it’s not on the menu anymore but it was incredible, one of the highlights and that’s just a soup!

Mains were polar opposites, one the huge duck which I’ve now seen this has been changed for two people. It was very tasty but perhaps not quite their delicate presentation of the other dishes. The other dish was the scallops and Mettwurst skewers. What a beauty but perhaps not the most outstanding dish in terms of taste I’ve ever had.

Despite being absolutely stuffed at this point we shared the chocolate mousse which was a delight.


Apologies for cramming so much in one post but I would definitely recommend you head down to German Gymnasium mainly just for the interior and it’s great wine or cocktail list. They’ve also optimised the outside area which will be great in Summer with a glass of white wine in the sunshine.