I found out about this Breaking Bad pop up bar from my mother surprisingly, who overheard someone talking about it on the bus. Intrigued I checked it out and booked Lawrence and I in for one of their cooking sessions.


As you’d imagine the place was setup in a Hackney warehouse outdoor area in the middle of nowhere – adds to the cool factor of course. We arrived a little bit early and waited outside the RV while the session before finished.


We were then escorted inside once it was our time and taken to our station which we shared with another two couples. The ‘supervisors’ monitored our work and barked orders in the Breaking Bad way of swearing Jessie.

The premise is you have two recipes to make two different cocktails. You work in your pairs to do part of the recipe / experiment before making the final concoction. There’s a lot of dried ice involved and brightly coloured drinks (don’t really want to think what that’s doing to your stomach).

We of course were the winning team, not competitive at all and so won yet more fluorescent coloured drinks.


The team behind the operation have now found a more permanent home in Shoreditch which opens in February.

It was an interesting evening and had been executed well but it was missing something in that the drinks took forever to make so got a little bored, would perhaps need a food aspect involved as well. Curious to see what’s different about their Shoreditch home so let me know if anyone makes it down there.