As a belated Mother’s Day meal I suggested taking Mum to Damien Hirst’s new restaurant Pharmacy 2 situated down near Vauxhall in the Newport Street Gallery. It’s yet another collaboration between the main man and the very successful chef Mark Hix.

The food offers classic European cuisine in a setting which is surrounded by Hirst’s own famous artwork with a medical theme running through it all. Newport Street Gallery was also the brainchild of Hirst as he wanted the chance to share his own large art collection. When we were there the exhibition had works from John Hoyland: Power stations.

They’re not to everyone’s taste and I have to say perhaps I could even create some of his pieces myself but each to their own. The next exhibition is Jeff Koons who’s work I really do love, one of his most famous that I remember seeing with parents in New York was his balloon dog.


After a quick tour (it’s a very small gallery) around the artwork it was ready to dive into our food. As it was a Sunday they had on the menu a very good deal for two courses which included their roast beef which Mum went for. Came with a very, very large Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings, was an excellent roast in fact.

Pharmacy 2

I had something a little different for a Sunday in the form of crab, chilli pasta which was lovely.


To finish off the meal we went for the Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse with the honeycomb, just heavenly, melt in the mouth.


It was as always a pleasure spending time with the Mother and it was a good meal although admittedly it’s quite out the way to get to. Be interesting to see how well it does in the long run.