We were coming to the end of our trip but managed to squeeze some last visits to well known New York attractions which we may not have seen in awhile. Of course Times Square featured high on Lawrence’s list so off we went to really feel like a tourist.


Carrying on we found ourselves in Tribeca at a building Lawrence had read about from an interesting architecture point of view, very cool. This also meant going past the Flat Iron building which is likely everyone’s favourite.


After looking across the water at the Statue of Liberty we then made our way over to Ground Zero.

Having seen it from before and then not long after it happened to then see the finished memorial, they’ve done a really good job. It’s very emotional looking down into both holes at the peaceful water cascading in. Such a sad event but nice that they’ve kept somewhere for people to come and contemplate on that moment.


Afterwards it was over to Wall Street, which coming from working in Spitalfields it’s odd to be a tourist walking around the city workers bustling though on their lunch break.

Having revved up quite an appetite with all that walking we stopped off at Rubirosa which had been recommended to us. Very nice, trendy pizzeria near Little Italy, NoLita. The pizza was wonderful and enough to share between two with a decent glass of wine, well worth a visit if in the area.

It wouldn’t be New York without a quick stop in Macy’s where we actually ended up doing rather well, few items for our upcoming Brazil trip. If you go make sure to stop at the Visitor’s centre to get the 10% discount, just show your id.

One key reason for visiting NYC was to meet up with the Uncle who is based out there. This involved an evening out at Upland, which was a relatively new opening getting very good reviews. The food centres around Californian inspired dishes with an Italian style coming through as well. The dishes are simple but incredibly delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures apart from this one which hopefully gives you a flavour for how gorgeous the plates look and taste even better. Definitely worth going to check out.

This then bought us to the end of our latest New York visit and it was time for us to part ways, parents back to London and Lawrence / I across to Brazil for a once in a lifetime trip. If you get the chance to go New York I would highly recommend, keep an eye out for flight deals and jump on over for a long weekend at any time throughout the year.