With being busy, busy people it’s always hard to find a date that suits for a reunion with old work friends. It just so happens that two of these beauties are also old school friends who I got them jobs working with me previously.


On this rare occasion all together we chose Exmouth Market as our place, to be precise Coin Laundry.


It’s a fairly recent opening and has a very interesting style of serving up comfort food alongside 70s revival cocktails.


The decor is relaxed and the music in the background is proper nostalgia.


We opted to share everything, I mean why not when you get to try it all. First up was the round of the small dishes, cheese & pineapple was a very strange one but actually rather good. Battered cheese with jelly like cheese cubes, interesting. One of my personal favourites was the spag bol croquettes, so naughty.


The coronation chicken on toast was lovely, just how you grandparents would like it. A dish that divided the table was the lamb faggots with mint jelly, Ailsa couldn’t quite force it down. Finally we had taramasalata with bread which was good but not the best of them all.


Onto the larger dishes you can’t say no to the chicken kiev, which comes complete with a Coin Laundry piece of chewing gum. We had one with salad and another with a cheesy cauliflower, took me back to my school days which started my love of kievs.


Our other selections were the cauliflower steak with blue cheese and almonds that was very nice and then finally a real highlight was the mutton pie and mint sauce. Luckily Ailsa wasn’t a fan which meant all the more for us. We couldn’t resist getting the naughty chips and gravy, as you can tell real comfort food, perfect during an evening of April showers.


We had just enough room to squeeze in some puddings, incredible Yorkshire profiteroles, perfect bitesize for your enjoyment. Then the other dessert which was lovely was the angel cake.


The girls couldn’t resist trying the 70s pornstar martini although they weren’t received very well and sounded like not the greatest cocktail so perhaps just stick with the vino.

It was a wonderful evening and really did enjoy the spread, perfect for a relaxed catchup with friends over some proper comfort food with an added twist.