Now as it was a Friday and starting to wind down before starting my new job it called for a day of absolute glutony. The day started with popping out for lunch at Burger & Lobster near Oxford Street. In fact this was my first experience of Burger & Lobster.

Burger & Lobster

You head on in past the huge glass of lobster boxes to take your seats. The premise is you have three options and there’s no menus, the waiter just reals them off. £20 for either burger and chips, lobster and chips or lobster roll and chips. They also do a special lunch deal of £60 for two burgers, a lobster or lobster roll to share and then two desserts. We couldn’t quite face that much food but is a good option for anyone hungry who doesn’t have to go back to work in the afternoon.


I went for the burger which was lovely and a very large portion of chips and salad. Also ask for the special spicy burger sauce which you can get on the side. Davina who’s been before went for the lobster roll which comes cold so don’t be put off, but is very tasty lobster meat.


We did in the end share a lovely ‘cheesecake’ which was more like a yoghurt with the cheesecake base crumbled on the top as compote. It was very nice food, the franchise is also in the same group as Goodmans steakhouse so they definitely know their meat. It may have just been the Oxford Street one but it was full of tourists which was a little off putting. Worth popping down for lunch as you may find after work queues for a table at some of the other restaurants.

Burger & Lobster

Now back to work it was to try and stay awake after all that food then it was time to meet the lovely Lexi at a relatively new chicken restaurant near Spitalfields called Absurd Bird. I’d found 50% off with Hot Dinners so how could we say no.

It’s a straightforward chicken shop, which seems to be a trend these days with them popping up all over the place. What came first the chicken or the egg! Moving swiftly on.. we started with sharing some wings with blue cheese sauce, incredibly messy and huge wings.

Absurd Bird

Mains were chicken burger for Lexi, which I couldn’t do after having a burger for lunch – would be far too much. Instead I had the 1/4 Big Mama’s Favourite which was ok, little bit too dry, although a side of mac ‘n’ cheese solved that conundrum.

Having demolished the table it was time to call it a night, very civilised on a Friday. Absurd Bird perhaps not worth making the journey to but if you’re in Spitalfields good spot for casual dining and beers. Now the body needed a bit of a rest after that mammoth day, can’t put it away like I used to back in my youth!