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June 2016

Triple dating at Dickie Fitz

Us girls decided to drag the boys mid week for a triple date scenario on Charlotte Street. Now some of you may remember a lovely Gastropub on a corner called Newman Street Tavern, the owners of said gastropub have since transformed it into an Australian inspired restaurant called Dickie Fitz. Continue reading “Triple dating at Dickie Fitz”


Chicken Lunch at The Connaught

Now the title may not be the biggest giveaway into what delights Lawrence and I were lucky to have experienced on a weekend lunchtime. Having seen some pictures on Clerkenwell Boy’s Instagram awhile back I was inspired to book a table. This table was at The Connaught Hotel for Helene Darroze’s ‘Le Poulet du Dimanche’. Continue reading “Chicken Lunch at The Connaught”

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