Now the title may not be the biggest giveaway into what delights Lawrence and I were lucky to have experienced on a weekend lunchtime. Having seen some pictures on Clerkenwell Boy’s Instagram awhile back I was inspired to book a table. This table was at The Connaught Hotel for Helene Darroze’s ‘Le Poulet du Dimanche’.

Helen Darroze at The Connaught

They assign five slots to this special lunch every Saturday & Sunday, the waitress mentioned that they are limited to this number due to the chicken producers and you’ll see why shortly.

Considering this is a two michelin star restaurant it’s a fairly reasonable price of £95 per couple for the entire menu which you can see is pretty epic. Helene Darroze has held residency at The Connaught for years and those who didn’t know she’s recently just been named Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef 2015.

Helen Darroze at The Connaught

Now onto the food, as with most Michelin star restaurants they start you off with a couple of surprise amuse bouche. These were great fun, with mackerel pate hidden in the ice cream cones topped with crunchy quinoa. There was also a gazpacho which I admit Lawrence had mine too, the raw onion just gets to me too much.

Let the feast begin, starting with some incredibly warm and tasty bread with a spicy butter and classic unsalted selection. We were then presented with a very pretty cracked egg that contained eggy yolk, crispy skin and bacon with Parmigiano Reggiano emulsion, this was gorgeous. Wish I could have this every day at home for breakfast!

Next up was a chicken consommé, ravioli of bigorre ham and roasted vegetables. The presentation was incredible, looked like a little forest before the clear liquid was poured over the top.

Helen Darroze at The Connaught

The liver ‘royale’, chicken oyster, lobster and white asparagus was probably my least favourite from the menu but still of course very edible.


At this point you feel like you need a little breather but it’s onto the main event. The waiter comes out with a trolley complete with a full chicken and has the unenviable task of having to carve two perfect pieces of breast meat one for each of our pretty plates.


You do hope the rest of the chicken is then boiled and used in the rest of the menu otherwise that would be an absolute waste but I’m sure they must do. This isn’t just any chicken, the crispy skin sits on top of a gorgeous garlic and foie gras stuffing, brought back memories of THAT chicken in New York.

After eating all that you get a little corn tortilla with chicken confit leg, avocado, cucumber and mint. Lovely little palette cleanser and feeling indulgent to have more chicken.


We took a moment to compose ourselves and just think back to all the wonderful courses before it was onto the mammoth dessert course, trust me when I say the portions are huge. You are presented with an incredible Creme Caramel, floating islands with a surprise passionate fruit filling and then the absolute simple delight of warm madeleines. If like us you can’t manage many of the madeleines ask to get them to go, perfect afternoon snack.


To finish off the meal the waiter comes along with a polaroid camera and takes a picture ‘for you to remember the day’, lovely touch. I may have told a little white lie and said it was my birthday, is only a month away but got a nice little lemon tart because of course we needed more food.

I would highly recommend you book, especially if you do have a special occasion to celebrate – treat yourself for the day and feel like you’re living a life of luxury. Play the game of count how many posh cars with personalised number plates you see outside the hotel.