Us girls decided to drag the boys mid week for a triple date scenario on Charlotte Street. Now some of you may remember a lovely Gastropub on a corner called Newman Street Tavern, the owners of said gastropub have since transformed it into an Australian inspired restaurant called Dickie Fitz.

Now with the arrival of Gaby’s lovely aussie fella all the way from Sydney it seemed very fitting to hopefully give him a bit of home comforts. Although as you’ll see a lot of the dishes were new to Guy’s knowledge, Australia is a big place after all.

The space for Dickie Fitz is great, with a spacious upstairs and downstairs, they even have some quaint outside tables at the front for the rare glimpses of sunshine London seems to be lacking. The decor is gorgeous and we’re still hunting down where we can get those delightful yellow velvet chairs, go very nicely in the flat!

We started with some drinks and then made a beeline for the starters. Sophia took charge and ordered a selection to share across the table. Let’s begin with a real highlight for us the tuna tataki with avocado and ponzu, just heavenly.

Next up were strange looking charcoal balls which were in fact truffle ‘macancini’, little mac ‘n’ cheese balls, nice tasting but not a major stand out dish. The lobster and prawn gyozas were also a great dish and as you can tell the menu starts to steer across a broader Pacific style rather than just Australian.

Another winner was the beef tartare with egg yolk and sourdough, prepared amazingly. Harry even had to have an extra portion after his steak (although I should point out he missed the starters).


Onto the mains and the waiter came over to mention a special aged steak which was on the menu for the day. For some reason the whole of the table was in the mood for steak, felt like a massive cop out but once the waiter checked he found there was only five left. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as gave Lawrence and I the opportunity to have a steak and go for the halibut with yuzu hollandaise as our second one. I have to say the fish was hands down the winner of the two. I should also add that the steak came with the interesting concept of lemon to squeeze on top, new one for all of us.


You would think by this point we’d be stuffed, but no that’s never an option with us Queenswood girls, as the boys know by now! Bring on dessert which was a MASSIVE pavlova with mango, passionfruit and pineapple. Meant for two but Sophia did very well eating the majority, where does she put it!

The real highlight was the chocolate dish, Gaby’s big claim was ‘The best pudding she’s ever had’ now that is a bold statement and a well deserved one because it was heavenly.


That brought us to the end of our wonderful evening (well not forgetting some wonderful Mrs’s Robinsons Lamingtons), if you’re in the area, definitely go give the place a try – it was lovely!