MASH has been on my list for awhile, mainly because I’m drawn to a really good steak and had heard a few good things in the past about the place. So it was time to have a rendezvous with the lovely Becca and then headed on down. It’s situated just off of Piccadilly Circus tube so you’ll need to navigate around the tourists to make your way in.


MASH, standing for ‘Modern American Steak House’ but with a Danish twist has been going for a couple of years and as you enter the rather dark entrance and make your way down the spiral staircase you may be forgiven in thinking you’re heading down into a casino.

Mash, Steakhouse

The room itself is very grand with red leather saloon style seating throughout, all with an American style as you’d probably expect from steak house. It’s not exactly trendy eating style but more darkened lights to enhance the meat eating focus. It’s the type of place that if it was in the City would no doubt be full of men in suits.


Now as you can imagine their main offering is steak, so definitely not one for the Vegetarians among you. Although they do offer two fish options which I’m sure would be very good. Steak wise it’s split across regions with prices ranging from about £30 – £100 so it’s not exactly cheap.


They do encourage you to share steaks which is a great way to sample and actually see what the differences are. We had an American Ribeye and a Uruguayan Fillet, both were equally tender and succulent. Just can’t beat a good steak and Bearnaise sauce.

For sides we couldn’t resist a naughty MASH creme potatoes, which was pretty much a very cheesy dauphinoise, lovely. Then the traditional chips and creamy spinach.

To finish our meal was something sweet, the rhubarb cheesecake which again is always a winner.


I would recommend the steaks here as they were great quality but as we know there are so many places in London like Hawksmoor which perhaps just have a better atmosphere and feel to them. Also as you may expect it all adds up once you get a bottle of wine, so it’s not a cheap dinner although we’d gone on an offer from Opentable for 50% off steaks which ends 31st August but keep an eye out as they’re always doing offers. Also they have a good set lunch menu for the weekend if you’re in the Piccadilly Circus area.