What better weekend than a sunny trip away to Budapest with close group of school friends. We hopped on a plane for the bank holiday weekend and arrived in scorching temperatures on the other side.


We were staying at a stunning hotel, Hotel Moments, dream furnishings which one day I hope to replicate in our place. It is very reasonably priced and a great location right in the centre, all the rooms centre around a draw dropping courtyard style reception, pictures probably don’t do it justice.

Not wanting to spill all our secrets I thought I’d highlight just a few of our favourite restaurants and things we did out there. The place is full of history and everything perfectly situated for a short break where you can walk around and really get a good feel for the place.


Our first day started with a light lunch at the very quaint Vintage Garden, sat outside surrounded by flowers and enjoying our first glass of vino of the trip.

Hungary is known for it’s wine, which was something new we learnt from the guide book and we definitely sampled some of their offerings. We then spent the rest of the day sightseeing around the impressive historical buildings such as the Houses of Parliament, all within walking distance of each other.

Dinner was a great recommendation from so many different people, Mazel Tov, situated in the very happening Jewish Quarter near to the popular ruin bars, more to come on those later. Mazel Tov is stunning, surrounded with fairy lights and a really relaxed vibe to it. The food as you can imagine by its name is very much Israeli in origin with wonderful items on the menu such as Shawarma pita plates, falafel, tabbouleh salads and many more. Aimed at sharing and make sure you go with a big appetite, the biggest surprise of the evening was when we got the bill, an absolute bargain!

The next day we embarked on a rather long walk to go see one of the famous baths, Szechenyi which tends to be one of the more popular ones. There were a few nerves in the group about the rather ‘public’ nature of these baths but we made our way first into the warm indoor thermal baths, which was a rather quick dip, followed by the main event the large outdoor pools. Now you may be forgiven for thinking it’s just like another public lido in the UK but the architecture is so much more impressive.


We spent the afternoon lounging around until our stomachs called for some food. Unfortunately it was a rather disappointing lunch, not worth mentioning but lined our stomachs for one of the highlights of the trip.


An awesome recommendation from a friend lead us to 360 Bar, what a setting for a beautiful sunset surrounded by friends and a good glass of wine in hand. One drink turned into a fair few more bottles, while we reminisced about the school days and laughed until we couldn’t stop crying. Nothing better.


We then moved onto one of the most famous ruin bars, Szimpla Ruin Bar, which was very different to a London bar. Pretty much all outdoors with many a hidden room full of weird and wonderful furniture.

No dancefloor as such but more a hangout for drinks in hand and an evening of perching on seats people watching, involving many a waving away of men who got anywhere near to our ‘hive’. I was very much a regular at the tiny wine bar hidden way, lovely little setup, my kind of place, especially as each lovely glass was only £1.50.


This sadly bought us to the end of the trip, with a last lunch and of course most importantly a flower shaped ice cream it was pretty much time for us to jump on the plane and head home to blighty.


It was a wonderful getaway, of course the company made it but Budapest itself is a beautiful city and well worth a visit.