Exmouth Market is a real favourite of mine and one restaurant there which I’ve been meaning to try since I saw they’d opened a new place in Union Street was Macellaio RC. Many of you may have walked past their rather simple but yet extravagant restaurant windows, one containing a huge tuna and the other huge cuts of meat.

This gives you an insight into their offering, they pride themselves on high quality Italian produce with the menu offering either tuna or beef dishes. This may make you think the menu is going to be rather small but in fact when we opened the offerings there is so much to choose from and half of it we didn’t have a clue what they meant.

Macellaio RC, Exmouth Market

When in doubt ask the waiter what they recommend, and so it was he said save the ‘carbs’ for another trip and just focus on the protein today, fine with us. Starting with an incredible tuna in olive oil, mustard and white chicory. Lovely little fresh starter, went down a treat.


Bottarga with stracciatella was next, all new words to us. Bottarga is very thin slices of salted and dried tuna on top of stracciatella which is a lovely soft cheese, a bit like burrata. Delicious. Alongside this we had the beef carpaccio, which was incredibly tasty.


For our main we shared the five weeks dry age Fassona beef rib, which was the smallest cut they do but still massive. It was lovely meat but slightly too salty for me but still very nice indeed. We had sides of hand cut chips and the spinach, can’t really go wrong with that as a meal.


To answer to our sweet tooth we shared the bianco al basilico, croccante al caramello. Was a very refreshing basil pannacotta, not one I’d normally go for but will definitely be ordering that one again.


It was a lovely meal, not cheap but the food is reasonably priced and plenty on there for you to keep going back and exploring. People are constantly raving about how good the steaks are there and how they’re their favourite in London which is pretty high praise!